Guidance Department Activities with the students to achieve the objectives were: 1 Working on Human Rights. Was handed a leaflet on the Rights Human with a worksheet. Activity was performed on them. 2 A video on the violation of human rights, especially violence against women, conducted by students of the Institute next door. 3 gave a 15 minute talk on the violation of human rights to women delivering a report by the Guidance Department. "Raising awareness about the situation of women in the world." We worked this area: Looking situations in the world on inequality of women through magazines or the Internet. Featuring documentaries about exploitation of girls in some countries. Reflecting on the human rights violation involving gender violence, with stories, movies or photographs. 4th wall was performed with phrases developed by students against violence towards women. Worked a 5th form self-concept and self-esteem in the classroom. Exercises were performed self-confidence. It enhanced positive moods. The results of this workshop, once the evaluation of teaching professionals, tutors and mentors, and the students themselves, were positive. Marina Subirats, (1998) to discuss Gender and Education, is proposing the need for action from civil society, from teachers, from families and from institutions to achieve equality. It proposes: 1 Make every effort to provide children go to school, at least in the age of compulsory schooling. 2 To say that girls and boys attend the same schools and share the same classrooms. 3 Promote girls' access on equal terms to all forms of culture, knowledge, activities, resources, games, sports, etc.
Rivas Centre Mall A spectacular fire, in which there have been wounded, has forced this Thursday to evacuate a shopping center located in Rivas Vaciamadrid. It has caused damage to the building but no injuries. the flames originated by shorting in a hardwired zone, as they have targeted several owners of the premises of the Centre. A spectacular fire, in which there have been wounded, has forced this Thursday to evacuate a shopping center located in Rivas Vaciamadrid, has caused damage to the building and a large visible smoke from various points of the A-3, according to eyewitnesses and municipal sources have been reported. The fire was started for reasons still being investigated around 1 p.m. at one of the ends of the Rivas Centre Mall. Several owners of premises have pointed out that the flames originated by a short circuit in a hardwired zone. After the notice given by a Municipal police patrol, until the place was approached by at least five endowments of firefighters of the community of Madrid, as well as a dozen municipal police, several ambulances and the Mayor of the locality, Jose Masa, for the scope of the event and help in the work of evacuation, which were quickly carried out and no injuries were reported. At first, firefighters struggled to enter the place, since the focus was on one end of difficult access for trucks, since it is a square that counts with pivots. Professionals managed to overcome these obstacles and began to suffocate the flames. The fire caused a great cloud of smoke black, visible from several points of the municipality and the road from Valencia. The fire first reached the top of one end of the building and then moved to the area this. According to the first few inspections, the fire did not affect...