Concrete Floors Without Cracks Diamond cutting straight seam is widely used in the construction, renovation and modernization of large industrial buildings and civil structures (shops businesses, warehouses, logistics and retail and entertainment centers, supermarkets, train stations, stadiums, stations, parking lots). Concrete horizontal coverage of such structures must withstand considerable dynamic loads for a long time. However, in concrete with some internal tensions and external action is chaotic cracking up to the total destruction and unfit for further operation. Despite the fact that the concrete - one of the most enduring material, its structure is very fragile and non-plastics. Drying and solidification, poured concrete shrinks, while the upper part dries faster and more reduced in volume, the edges start to wrap. There is an internal tension, and concrete cracking. Cracks causes and effects of environmental conditions (sudden changes in temperature, ground water, subsidence of soil under the concrete base, landslides and earthquakes), and intensive load during its further operation (traffic, walking a lot of people work heavy equipment). Therefore, in order to prevent uncontrolled cracking of concrete ties industrial floors, at some stage in accordance with strict regulations are cut so-called expansion joints. The main and most commonly used types of them - Contraction joints and insulation. Modern diamond Technology makes it easy, quickly, accurately and with virtually no noise and litter quality cut joints that do not need to continue to polish and correct. At this speed, quality, cutting sutures and the end effect is much higher than with traditional jointing uncured concrete floors. Cutting joints held not earlier than 12-24 hours after pouring the concrete screed and no later than 2-3 days. Concrete must have hardened, but not to the extent that begin to appear random cracks. Sutures are cut by experienced specialists in strict accordance with the project - with strict observance...
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