Private Universities Democracy means government by without education, and aristocracy means government by the evil educated Gilbert the Keiths Education is something who receive more, than many transmit and that few have. Karl Kraus In the last years, has been increased the number of private universities and it according to the results that many already have presented/displayed with their graduates in different professions that offer, especially, economic, the administrative ones and of engineering, they let much say of the quality of withdrawn his; of course, there will be few exceptions, the worrisome thing, is that the withdrawn ones happen to thicken the line of unemployed that more and more is increased, others to evolve like traders in the informal economy, taxi drivers, and are some who choose to leave the country. All this a what must? , to that the proprietors, owners, shareholders interest to them plus the business that the academic responsibility to that they must be it jeopardize, in increasing the number of participants more and more, being useful the deficiency quotas that the public universities offer. Of course, the demand is more than the supply and that weakness is very taken advantage of, until the end, that the costs to enter and maintenance is very high according to the inflationary characteristics that the country confronts, taking place a significant discrimination in those families who cannot pay for these expenses, being a significant digit of young people without having access to the formal study, to a university that provides the knowledge to them that they ask for according to the interest of the profession where they want to evolve. Those that enters, many with a significant sacrifice for the family, unfortunately, do not see compensated the efforts, mainly, when withdrawing the participants, the distributed knowledge do not correspond to the...
Small Reform In elapsing of the years, the public administration comes if modifying due to the diverse socioeconmicas transformations that had occurred successively. These changes had been significant to modify the public scene leaving of side the patrimonialista model and the bureaucratic model, since it had the necessity of a new public administration. Currently, it comes being adopted the model of managemental public administration implemented for the most part of the world, with some exceptions. The characteristics of this model have been questioned as solution of efficient and efficient management for all the public administrations in general. Therefore, some measures of the managemental public administration finish affecting the success it Been, since the intended objectives go in opposing direction, therefore a scene are different of the other. The humanity lives at a globalization moment, of strong competitiveness, fast technological changes and too much factors that demand of the administrators a capacity of perception, adaptation and anticipation to these changes. They are diverse techniques that can be used in some models of management. Between them they are the Planning and the Strategical Management, the management based on processes, the adoption of programs of qualities, the models in net and balanced scorecard. Optimum model to be chosen depends on the objectives to be reached and the paper of to be fulfilled State, thus, is basic to know local and regional the reality so that measured strategical they can promote social and economic the development, and, consequently, to improve the quality of life of the population.