The Sopranos Satin tracksuits. Anything that we can say about these popular among rapper and the guys from The Sopranos things - breaking and throwing! Waist purses. Of course, They are comfortable, but only if you do not care what you look like as if you have an extra fold of fat on the abdomen. And we know that some of you like to wear them while traveling. Frankly, with the same success you can fasten on a sign that says: "Hey! Look at me! I'm a tourist! Pickpockets, grabte me. " But it's better to write "Steal my waist purse!" "Clothes of my youth." Only if you go to the reunion, you can afford currently wear an old sports jacket hockey team shirts, which you have played rugby in high school, t-shirts fraternity, of which you were at university, or any clothing of your youth, but not shown in such as in public! Of course, we may ask you to throw away all these things, but you are still not listen to us, so we implore you - better let these things lie somewhere in the depths of your closet. Any item of your wardrobe, who has outlived his own and went out of fashion. We know how some guys take a strong liking to the soul of your favorite things, but believe us, all they ever wear out. And if it happened to your clothes, it's time to get rid of it. Without regret Throw all things tacky, all torn T-shirts and socks, underwear and patched trousers, flared down Do the same with the things on which the spots that could be devised, especially shirts, shirts and sweaters. Next - All things of which you have grown, they can leave only if they can alter.
Nightlife There are discos, casinos, and also a city famous for its comfortable hotels with beautiful beaches. For a busy social life and is suitable Hammamet - Tunisia is the most visited resort, where, besides entertainment, tourist centers of thalassotherapy and waiting comfortable beaches. For a quiet, peaceful holiday should recommend Monastir and Mahdia with quiet streets, lots of cozy bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. In Italy, bathe in October is too late, but very nice acquainted with the sights of Rome, Venice, Florence ... of sweet is worth thinking about a trip to the city of Perugia - home of Italian chocolate. In the second half of October this town for 9 days into a European confectionery center. Here, a festival of 'Evroshokolad' with all its consequences - competitions, concerts and entertainment shows. In Austria in the second half of October opens the season snowboarders. Thousands tourists come every year at the end of the month in the valley to the west of Tyrol Kaunertal to participate in competitions and learn about the latest equipment for snowboarding. A party to celebrate the opening of the season takes place in a small resort town Feichten. Germany welcomes visitors in October, the traditional festivals. In the last week of September - first week of October in Munich Oktoberfest beer festival. Everything happens in a meadow Theresienwiese. There establish large tents and canopies that can accommodate up to 6 thousand beer lovers. Specially brewed beer for the festival 'curvature'. The tradition of holding this event has its roots in the distant past. In 1810, Bavarian King Ludwig I married Therese von Zaksenhildburghauzen and local people celebrated the wedding of the monarch's 16 days in a row. They had so much fun that they decided to repeat it next year. This goes on for...