Street Passau Danube River cruise from Passau Passau now online booking is the starting point of the Danube cruise, who performs with musical accompaniment in various interesting towns on the Danube. Before embarkation, travelers can experience the three-River-City and its famous monuments and the romantic streets of the old town and the harbour promenade. Worth a visit and are a beautiful prelude on the Danube cruise, which offers musical highlights, the Lamberg Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Jesuit church of St. Michael. Now informs the provider for River and sea voyages cruises reisebuero.de online about the current offers for a musical Danube River cruise from Passau, as well as about the route and optional shore excursions. Danube cruise: romantic river trip from Passau with music and culture on the Danube cruise guests on the route to Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, as well as to white churches, a versatile music and entertainment. Culture vultures come country courses in the cities of fully at their own expense. Vienna is famous for the impressive old town and the Prater, the landmark of the city. During the visit, travellers can visit the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Museum of fine arts, the Town Hall and Schloss Schonbrunn. Other stops of the Danube River cruise from Passau are the Hungarian capital Budapest and the Slovak capital Bratislava. In Budapest, there are many impressive sights such as the Parliament building, the central market hall and the Staatsoper and Buda Castle and the chain bridge, which is also the symbol of Budapest. Bratislava weather offers the opportunity to stay in one of the many parks, such as the Bratislava lesny Park and the Park Janko Kral. The Zoological Garden is worth a visit. The last station of the Danube cruise prior to disembarkation in Passau is white churches, a...
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