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Baltic Sea Cruises: Stockholm A shore excursion in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, the Swedish capital of Stockholm is a dream destination of each Baltic Sea cruise. It is not directly on the Baltic Sea that lapped the outer archipelago only 40 kilometres away. Well three hours cruise ship needs to reach Stockholm through the archipelago. The passage is another highlight of Baltic sea cruises. Stockholm is situated on 14 islands between the sweet Malaren and the Saltsjon salty. Located at the latitude of southern Alaska, but not cold yet stiff yet sober, especially between May and September, when the Sun does overtime and 18 hours a day seems. A human, manageable patch - especially in the old town restored with much love and even more millions, the Gamla stan. Stockholm temporarily was born 700 years here. Here stands the Chateau de Silvia and Carl Gustav, which exceeds even the Buckingham Palace to eight rooms with 600 rooms. Here also, a colourful shopping area opens up the tourists with about 300 small shops. Also in terms of Sightseeing is available much the cruise guest. You can do it on the bus, on foot, by boat, bicycle: there lives the politically neutral Sweden now 160 years with himself and the world in peace. The biggest attraction of the capital but will clearly military nature: the only surviving Galleon from the 17th century, the famous Vasa. Anno 1628 you had built massive from 1500 mature oak as for eternity, 61 metres long and with 1300 tons displacement. But in the same year, precisely on the maiden voyage, sank after barely two miles drive in the Stockholm Harbor. Man and mouse with guns. 333 Years later, in 1961, the warship that is well preserved by the mud was recovered. Now pour the visitors in the Wasamuseum to...