Russia Tax This is especially secure property rights, its legal protection, availability of credit, low interest rates, low taxes. The level of taxation, ease and convenience of the tax system is essential for the competitiveness of its economy, its investment climate and level of economic freedom, the necessity of a just Dmitry Medvedev said in his speech in Krasnoyarsk. The lower tax rate than the more favorable investment climate. The higher tax burden, the less level of economic freedom. At the same time raising taxes can be a tool for treatment of "overheating" economy. First, create a normal tax conditions for industrial development, to large-scale tax reform and then to enjoy the fruits of its development - job creation and large-scale additions to the budget. This was also indicated by the successful experience of China, previously successfully used tax incentives for further development. So why should reduce the VAT rate may compensate for its loss of other taxes? In order to 1) improve tax collection, expand the tax base by reducing the volume of transactions tax planning, business exit from the "shadow", and 2) to make the economy more transparent and legal, which is essential for its normal development, fundraising, etc., and 3) to stimulate economic growth, create the conditions for a permanent increase in the tax base in the future, and 4) improve the investment climate, increase the inflow of capital into Russia, 5) improve the competitiveness of our products before entry into the WTO, and 6) lower corruption, and 7) to create incentives for innovation and not the commodity sector; 8) to support the stock market. It seems that the introduction of VAT in 1992 to prohibitive levels - at a rate of 28% (reduced to one year 20%) put the economy in a state of shock and caused the...
National Plan Although they come trying to organize the transit, the actions still are few and insufficient in the traffic restrictions as the transit of vehicles weighed by the center (trucks and bus), what they come causing physical damages to the traditional structures of the constructions of the Patrimony. Theoretical Referencial On Tourism Conceptualization: For the World-wide Organization of the Tourism? OMT ' ' the activities of weight that travel and remain in local are of its usual environment, per not more than one year consecutive, for ends of leisure, businesses and outros' ' , (Lickorish and Jenkins, 2000, p 53). For Gee and Sol, (2003, p 23), the main characteristic of the tourism nowadays is understood with mass phenomenon, where it possesss the combination of mobility, accessibility, money and desire. Simo rock, from its ideals and aes, defines the preservation of the Brazilian patrimony of the following form: ' ' The emphasis of the movement was the artistic production and the cultural character of the country. All the actions of the modernistas had turned it the configuration of an artistic and cultural profile of the country, in the inseriz attempt it enters the modern and civilized nations of mundo' '. Tourist sector in agreement Brazil study of Fernanda Freitas Rabbit (2004), the country presents diverse difficulties in relation to the tourist activity, as disorganization due to planning, lack of reorganization of the education, health, public security, urban cleanness and public signalling, even so exists the National Plan of Tourism (PNT? 2003), that it aims at retaken of the growth of the sector and the generation of job. As data of the BNDES, 500 million 2003 had an investment of R$ the 2007, being that the federal government invested to R$ 19 billion with incentive of the sector.