National Plan Although they come trying to organize the transit, the actions still are few and insufficient in the traffic restrictions as the transit of vehicles weighed by the center (trucks and bus), what they come causing physical damages to the traditional structures of the constructions of the Patrimony. Theoretical Referencial On Tourism Conceptualization: For the World-wide Organization of the Tourism? OMT ' ' the activities of weight that travel and remain in local are of its usual environment, per not more than one year consecutive, for ends of leisure, businesses and outros' ' , (Lickorish and Jenkins, 2000, p 53). For Gee and Sol, (2003, p 23), the main characteristic of the tourism nowadays is understood with mass phenomenon, where it possesss the combination of mobility, accessibility, money and desire. Simo rock, from its ideals and aes, defines the preservation of the Brazilian patrimony of the following form: ' ' The emphasis of the movement was the artistic production and the cultural character of the country. All the actions of the modernistas had turned it the configuration of an artistic and cultural profile of the country, in the inseriz attempt it enters the modern and civilized nations of mundo' '. Tourist sector in agreement Brazil study of Fernanda Freitas Rabbit (2004), the country presents diverse difficulties in relation to the tourist activity, as disorganization due to planning, lack of reorganization of the education, health, public security, urban cleanness and public signalling, even so exists the National Plan of Tourism (PNT? 2003), that it aims at retaken of the growth of the sector and the generation of job. As data of the BNDES, 500 million 2003 had an investment of R$ the 2007, being that the federal government invested to R$ 19 billion with incentive of the sector.
Choosing a Gift When choosing a gift everyone wants to excel as a stand by buying something expensive and memorable. People often are skeptical and are lost among the variety of useful or decorative items. Certainly, for someone is not challenge a waste of an impressive amount for a gift or travel to exotic destinations. Someone, on the contrary, asks the recipient that he wishes to receive as a gift. With regard to the universal and at the same time meaningful gift, they can become the clock. It seems that they are something familiar in everyday life, and therefore they are not often thought of as a gift. As a rule, speaking of hours, they mean either a wrist or the wall of their option. On Actually, they are much larger. They are designed for different purposes, the range includes a huge variety of models. Worldwide, it is believed that this Swiss watch - an expensive and prestigious gift. It should be noted that any well-matched clock, able to deliver a man no less joy. Hours can be expensive and honorary gifts from Heads of State, they can be a family heirloom, transferred from generation to generation, and as for fine expensive jewelry watches, then this gift is a dream for every woman. Looking at history, you may find the following fact: a few centuries ago, watches were the most expensive and valuable gift. The exclusive right to present and receive clock as a gift to have the rich and famous people. The emperors of different states during a meeting or a diplomatic official visit often exchanged with each other for hours, commemorative engraving on which were produced the best craftsmen. Before the invention of mechanical clocks portrayed the aristocracy as a gift to each other water or an astronomical clock. That For...