September Socialist He studied commercial expert and works in the Banco de Bilbao. He joined the nationalist youth. Subsequently he studied the nautical and spent more than one year on board. On his return to Earth, has a meeting with Sabino Arana, who says: I have ceased to be nationalistic. In 1902 he joined the drafting of the class struggle and the following year is the director of the weekly newspaper Socialist of Bilbao. In September of 1903 exhibits in the weekly magazine said the founding project of the Socialist Youth of Bilbao, that would be the origin of the Socialist Youth of Spain, which come true in January 1904, year in which its founder and first President is imprisoned on charges of printing and blasphemy. His articles caused fifteen processes, three of them military. In the summer of 1904 he suffers a sentence of banishment and moved to France, where returns the next year, thanks to a pardon. He moved to Eibar, where he directs the newspaper forward. It is again exiled and is installed, first of all, in Saint-Jean-le Vieux, where marches to London, working in the English capital as a translator, finally, settled in Paris, where translated Plato for a French publisher. In April 1908 he returned to Spain to attend the burial of his father, despite his conviction, and he returned to Paris. Since the French capital collaborates with the satirical weekly bilbaino El Coitao, of which only edited eight numbers. Sick with tuberculosis, returns to Spain Irun, where he married Julia Iruretagoyena, daughter of the Republican Mayor. His illness led him to a pilgrimage through different cities of our country, in the search for an air that relieve your wrong. Death arrives in the working class neighborhood of La Guindalera in Madrid, in which he had written...
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