Painting Work The final stage of finishing a painting surfaces. Depend on the quality of paint possible further use of premises, their sanitary condition and appearance. Painted surfaces only after their preparation. Prior to the painting operations inside the building should be completed all civil works, except for the parquet flooring and linoleum stickers. In addition, must be fulfilled installation and testing of heating systems, water supply, sewerage and internal wiring. The room must be installed and firmly secured window and door frames, finished work on the glazing window frames and door panels and partitions (if glazed doors provided) nastlany net plank floors and black floors of parquet, nailed frames. requirements surface to be plastered surfaces can painting processing and painted only after their complete drying. Humidity plaster shall not exceed 8%. Wet plaster contains free alkali, which will further discoloring pigments and may lead to appearance of other defects. Where was laid a thick layer of plaster, wet areas have a darker look, but even those areas that appear dry may contain residual moisture. For their identification to resort to the simplest method of using a piece of foil (about the size 20x20 cm), tightly attached and fixed to, say, on the wall. Residual moisture appears on the next day in the form of condensate from the contact with the surface of the foil. In this case, before processing to wait for the complete drying of surfaces. Plaster surface should be cleaned from dust, splashes and streaks of the solution, the surface roughness to make amends, but small cracks broaden and cement the mortar to a depth of at least 2 mm for better grip. Wooden structures must be stable and durable. Moisture content should not exceed 12% knots and pitch to cut to a depth of 2-3 mm of bedding...
Natural Resources In Europe, winter returned. Oddities of Nature in Russia: the 'plus-' temperature records, flying cats and yellow snow. Ministry of Natural Resources will pay for the reports of environmental crimes. Russia plans to introduce a moratorium on fishing sturgeon. In Europe and Russia returning migratory birds. Around the world took action 'Earth Hour'. Review of the week from 24.03.2008 to 03.30.2008. In Europe, winter has returned despite the fact that this is coming to an end of the first month of the calendar of spring in many European countries last week, the weather was not the spring. Atlantic cyclones over Europe rainfall in the form of snow. The first cold met the British Isles, in Scotland, the thermometer fall below minus 6 degrees Celsius. Easter Sunday in London was the most cold and snow over the past 25 years, so that even got the name 'White Easter'. In Spain, established the lowest in the last 40 age temperature. The streets covered with snow, which can not tackle utilities. Element is most clearly manifested itself in France. In the midst of spring Parisians for the first time this season saw the snow! Unexpected snowfall in the the height of spring deprived residents of Belgium many traditional circuses. In the Belgian city of Hasselt for snowfall on Monday had to cancel the traditional procession of folklore and fairy tale characters - the culmination of the annual spring carnival. Continued heavy snows in Switzerland caused hundreds of accidents on the highways of the country.